This will be a picture-less post this time. It’s 11:20pm and I want to make sure I get a post in tonight so I’m keeping up with my “every other day” journal project assignment.

So this weekend… I did some running. I joined two friends, Abby and Marlise, at one of our local parks and competed in a 5K charity run on Saturday morning. Everyone had great runs and I met my time goal this month for a sub-35 minute finish. On to next month’s goal of sub-34!!

Today, Abby and I met up with a running group that I had heard of but never run with, our local Hash House Harriers. We did an approximately 4 to 4.5 mile loop of road, trail and straight up hoofing it through the woods with a whole lot of alcohol mixed in before, along the way and afterwards. I choose not to imbibe before the run or after but did enjoy several beverages along the way at designated stops. It was a lot of fun. I covered terrain I certainly never would have thought to run on my own. It was challenging without being too hard. I liked it. But…. it’s not something I’m going to be doing on a regular basis. These folks have running and drinking down to a science. I’m too much of a light weight to do that very often… once a month or even every other month might be a possibility.

Tomorrow I’m taking it easy exercise wise and around the house, so I’ll get some reading time in and start a more introspective post to share on Tuesday.

Be Well!



Continuing from part 1…

After lunch it was back to school work. Isaac read aloud from his Scooby-Do phonics reader. One story to me and the 2nd to Natalie. Maddie is reading a story about how a family made a garden.

Isaac reading

Maddie reading


While the kids finished up their reading time I walked out to the garden. Pea sprouts are just starting to peek through the soil. And I just realized an earthworm photobombed my shot. Oh well.. glad to have him in there!

Pea sprouts

My onion sets have also started pushing up. We need a warm sunny day and all these plants will really take off.

Onion sets


I had a couple furry and feathered friends hanging out nearby. The Mourning Dove was setting on the corner of the garage roof watching me. The squirrel was fussing back and forth with our resident flock of grackles. They bicker and fight about ownership of the backyard bird feeder.

Mourning Dove


A few of my perennial plantings are starting to wake up around the house.  In order of appearance: Peonies, Daffodil, Aronia, Red Gooseberry, and Black Currant.








After my nice little walk around, I switched up the laundry again, starting one more load in the wash, moving a washed load to the dryer, and putting this basket away.




It was time for another bottle of water and a bit of a crafty break. I took about 15-20 minutes to drop spindle some lovely fiber I picked up at the most recent Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival.


Drop Spindle


A bit more internet browsing and email checking and then it was back to the laundry gig again… nothing else went in the wash though… the end was in sight.



By now the day is pretty long in the tooth so I need to get the house whipped into shape before we move into dinner time and evening routines. So.. here comes the “keeping it real” parts. This was my den after a day of school, snacks, laundry and time spent outside… followed by the spiffed up version.

Messy Den

clean Den

Next up was the kitchen… and wow.. it was even worse. So once again.. here’s the end of the day “real” followed by the clean up.

Messy Kitchen

clean kitchen


In the clean kitchen photo above.. dinner is in the works… spaghetti with meatballs in a tomato-basil sauce with pancetta. Now.. the beautiful thing here.. is that I’m not the one cooking it. Nor did I have to go out and pick up the groceries to make it. This wonderful guy here took care of all that. Here he is coming in from work last night, carrying in the groceries in the pouring rain with his raincoat hanging haphazardly from his head. Thanks honey!!



After that delicious dinner I put away the last load of laundry, then got Miss Natalie ready for bed.




After the kids were all asleep I laced up my running shoes and hit the treadmill.

Running Shoes

My current training work out is three sets of runs… each 12 minutes long with a one minute walk break between each. Running pace is 11.1 miles per minute or 5.4mph. This gave me a 35 minute 5K time and a total run of 3.36 miles in 38 minutes.  Hopefully I can keep or better that 35 minute 5K time on Saturday for the Achilles race at North Park.

So… there ya go… that’s a pretty typical day in our life.

If my day technically started at midnight.. then my day started with back cramps around 3am and again about 5am. I was supposed to run 2 to 3 miles this morning but that just didn’t happen. I’m sure the cramps were from bending over seed trays yesterday….  a little over 200 potential plants got their start and my back paid the price.

So… I didn’t get up at 6:30 and run.. instead I slept until almost 8 and it was nice.

Here’s the rest of my day in pictures, be prepared… there’s a bunch… and they are the real deal…. life with 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs in the house.. gets messy.

I started my coffee pot, put breakfast for the kids in the oven, apple cinnamon muffins (from a box mix) and threw the first load of dirty clothes in the wash. Then I changed my Fitbit battery. It was dead, dead, dead… and had been for awhile.

Fitbit Battery Change

Once breakfast was served and my coffee about half way done, I got the kids started on school. Math was up first. My little guy likes writing with pretty colors rather than boring pencils… and if that helps him get his math done… then I’m all for it.


Math and breakfast done it was time to continue the house work. First up.. clearing the breakfast remains, then moving the clothes from the wash into the dryer and starting another load in the wash. And FYI… LEGO happens in our house… pretty much everywhere.. including at breakfast.

Breakfast remains

Next I put away a basket of clean clothes that had been hanging around for at least 2 days waiting for me to deal with them. If you hadn’t noticed…. laundry is a recurring theme.


Then it was time to finish that remaining half mug of now cold, but still caffeinated, coffee.


After a sit down and some internet rabbit hole time, I made my way back upstairs to make my bed. And yes… that is a pink and green monster toy laying facedown in the middle of my bed, along with more throw pillows than probably necessary.

Unmade bed

Time to do some more laundry shuffling…  one load up to be put away, clean stuff from the wash into the dryer, and another load of dirty stuff in the wash.


While putting away this most recent batch of laundry I decided not to hang up a pair of pants. I am happy to say that this pair now fits me so poorly that they risk falling down…. so goodbye old pants.. and hello… well, even older pants that I just haven’t been able to squeeze into in forever.


Next I gathered up all the house trash from the bathrooms, kitchen etc and took that out to the bin and actually remembered to replace all the liners.

Trash can

I decided not to fix a 2nd cup of coffee and opted for my trusty 32oz water bottle. It was a little past noon at this point so I pulled out some healthy snacks (some of you may remember them from last night’s SiS meeting) to make up an a la cart type lunch for the kids. I went with the last of some leftover potato soup that was in the fridge.

water IMG_1871

And so that was my day through lunch!

Yesterday I had another wonderful gathering with my Sisters in Spirit gals at the UU. We talked, we laughed, we shared, we learned.. and of course we ate!  But we also were given the opportunity to grow. My opportunity came in the form of agreeing to journal, at least every other day, for a minimum of 2 months.

Since I already had this blog, and had been making such poor use of it, I have decided to do my journaling here. I find it more than just a little serendipitous that my last published blog post was made exactly one year to the day that this new journaling activity was agreed to.

My initial thought is to go forward with a “Day in the Life of” type entry style with bigger thoughts, plans, and perspective added. We’ll see if I can maintain it, have to remember to take pictures and write notes as the day goes along.

So check back tomorrow for the first Official Journal Entry.

Way back in the fall I ordered a bunch of plants from Raintree Nursery. I got about half of them put in the ground before winter set in and the ground froze solid. The rest lived on my covered front porch pretty much entirely neglected until today. Today my two currants and one gooseberry found their permanent homes.


The single gooseberry, closest in the photo, is a variety named Red George. It’s cold hardy, self-fertile, compact at only 2′-3′ at maturity and will yield 4 to 5 lbs of fruit each season. The two currants are both black varieties, which require cross pollination. The first is Minaj Smyriou, another compact and hardy plant. The second currant is a variety named Titania and it can get quite large, over 6 feet!. I located it on the corner of my planting bed in case I need to support it using a tie on the porch column.


Last month we ordered a case of fruit from North Hills Community Outreach through our church, Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills. We have stretched out these sunshine filled fruits as long as possible.. but the box is nearly empty.


So you see all these landscape timbers… yeah… they used to be the border to the terribly over grown mess known to us as the North garden bed.

And this is what is left after dragging all those landscape timbers out. Tons and tons of thick grass and weeds… and a few non-plant surprises.

Beneath all those weeds were a bunch of strange metal grates… I’m still not sure what they were… weird fence panels maybe? shelving of some sort??

Here’s a close up of the grates. So what do you think they are? They are each really really heavy.

A couple days later the truck arrived to reclaim the dumpster.

I have to be honest… right at this point.. I was more than a little worried that the truck wasn’t going to be able to get it up on the rig. We put a LOT of really heavy stuff in there and packed that dumpster tight as a sardine tin.

But the winch on the truck made pretty short work of the job and in no time the dumpster was safely on and locked in place.

And then it was time to say goodbye as the dumpster and all that junk rolled off into the sunset.