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Journal Project Post 2

This will be a picture-less post this time. It’s 11:20pm and I want to make sure I get a post in tonight so I’m keeping up with my “every other day” journal project assignment.

So this weekend… I did some running. I joined two friends, Abby and Marlise, at one of our local parks and competed in a 5K charity run on Saturday morning. Everyone had great runs and I met my time goal this month for a sub-35 minute finish. On to next month’s goal of sub-34!!

Today, Abby and I met up with a running group that I had heard of but never run with, our local Hash House Harriers. We did an approximately 4 to 4.5 mile loop of road, trail and straight up hoofing it through the woods with a whole lot of alcohol mixed in before, along the way and afterwards. I choose not to imbibe before the run or after but did enjoy several beverages along the way at designated stops. It was a lot of fun. I covered terrain I certainly never would have thought to run on my own. It was challenging without being too hard. I liked it. But…. it’s not something I’m going to be doing on a regular basis. These folks have running and drinking down to a science. I’m too much of a light weight to do that very often… once a month or even every other month might be a possibility.

Tomorrow I’m taking it easy exercise wise and around the house, so I’ll get some reading time in and start a more introspective post to share on Tuesday.

Be Well!




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To begin.. let me say Happy Easter to all of my friends and family who celebrate!

We had a full Saturday here at the bungalow and out and about town as well. We began with a trip to the family feed and seed for more seed starting flats, a plastic dome to fit a flat for my next round of starts and some organic plant food to water the growing starts with.  Its a fish meal based formula with a mint scent added to mask the fishiness.  I hope it doesn’t reek.

Next we drove over to 84 Lumber to get a materials list and pricing for the garage supplies. This ended up being more of an adventure than I had planned on since we didn’t know exactly where we were going.  The trip took longer than expected but we finally arrived there and then made it back home safely.

Around 5pm my husband drove into the north side of the city to pick up bottles.  Lots and lots of bottles. A coworker of his is also a home brewer but has moved to kegging instead of  bottling so he was happy to get rid of his bottle collection and reclaim some space in his house.

After an unexciting but filling dinner of tuna noodle casserole with green peas and pumpernickel bread, we cleaned up the house, put the kids to bed and watched 2 episodes of The Misfits with one of our neighbors.  Its become a weekend tradition.

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