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The weekend is right around the corner and I am so happy to be spending it at home. While I enjoyed seeing our family in Virginia last weekend, I am a home body and this house is now home for me. Rain is in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. This isn’t so bad though since I can get our seedlings out on the porch to start hardening them off in the cool gray weather. I’m happy to report that all of the up-potted (from 3/4″ into 2″ soil blocks) survived while we were gone. If I start hardening them off this Saturday they should be ready to go out into the raised beds next weekend. Which also means I have one week to get the soil ready for them!

I have last years compost pile sitting out on a tarp with another tarp loosely draped over the top. It was very wet and clumpy when I first started digging into it so I wanted to give the pile an opportunity to release some of its moisture. Hopefully it will have dried enough that I can sift it through my hardware cloth screen without too much effort. After its screened I’ll mix it with some mineral amendments and then work it all into the planting beds.

My big task in the garden for today, and probably tomorrow too, is to move all the dirt out of one of the old beds and into the new frame that my husband built before our vacation. The old bed currently sits too close to the new garage site and about one half it will become the expanded section of our driveway.  The weather should be perfect for this kind of work with highs in the mid-70’s.

Oh.. the house needs a good spiffing up too.. but that’s boring stuff. 🙂


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Its Friday. Yay!  I’m getting the house spiffed up today in preparation for a weekend of gardening and family time.

On the agenda:

– A stop at the local feed & seed for potting soil

– Target for underwear… the little guy is potty training and doing great.

– A stop at Home Depot for lumber and a new light for the seed rack.

– Make a bunch of 2″ soil blocks for my garden seedlings

– Put together a couple new raised garden beds

– Brainstorm new front yard flower beds

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