Here you can see the old shed foundation. Lots of rotten boards and a random assortment of stones, bricks and concrete. Yeah… doubt that ever had a building inspection done.

Looking from the other side, you can see that the boards have rotted so much that the grass is starting to take root and grow over them.

Weeds, rocks, and a whole lot of mess. Yuck!

A close up of the foundation mess. This pile of rock and debris is almost two feet deep.

Progress! Trees, wild grape vines, and lots of weeds have been cut and removed. You can see our neighbor’s garden fence behind all the mess. I know he’ll be glad to get some more sun.

Now for the backbreaking work of moving all this stone.

Happy day, help has arrived. Our neighbor Keith came by with a hammer and pry bar and jumped right in. The foundation top boards have been removed and now the rotten frame edges are ready to come up.

All of the rotten wood has been removed from the foundation, just rocks and bricks left. We’ve also removed the first of the railroad ties that line the driveway.

The final bit of destruction and clean up for the day was prying out the rest of the railroad ties. Definitely a two man job.. first to get them out, then to lift them into the dumpster.

Next up: Removing the north-side garden landscape timbers and related junk and saying goodbye to the dumpster.


As part of the new garage construction project we’ve had to do some demo and clean up around the house. Here are a few pics of the process.

The empty dumpster, delivered and waiting to be filled.

When the camera comes out, Maddie must be in a picture somehow. So here she is posing by the dumpster to create an idea of scale.

The first demo victim… the old playground set.

Another view of the playground set.

The first pieces come off. These were actually boards we salvaged from the monkey bar section we took off last year. The bars were no longer safe, so we said goodbye to that part and used the leftover lumber to safely close up two really wide openings in the treehouse portion over the sandbox.

The rope swing comes down.

The swing set portion comes down. The purple double rider is history but we are keeping the baby swing and two regular swings.

The kids squeezing in the last few moments of sandbox play time. Oh and that orange stake there… thats the far back corner of the new garage.

Out comes the Saws-All

We tried to demo the set by carefully unscrewing it all. However when the set was put together, galvanized screws were not used therefore almost all of the screws had rusted in place. So out came the saws-all.

Ready to tackle the main tree house and sandbox section. The slide is also being salvaged for use at another time.





Next up.. the old shed foundation and all the associated rubble. But that will be in a separate post.

The natural gas utility is outside, directly across from my front door, digging up some old pipes. Thankfully its not my yard they have to dig up. They have dug quite the hole over there.  If you enlarge the picture you can see that there is one of the workman standing in it and his shoulders are about at the grass line.

The weekend is right around the corner and I am so happy to be spending it at home. While I enjoyed seeing our family in Virginia last weekend, I am a home body and this house is now home for me. Rain is in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. This isn’t so bad though since I can get our seedlings out on the porch to start hardening them off in the cool gray weather. I’m happy to report that all of the up-potted (from 3/4″ into 2″ soil blocks) survived while we were gone. If I start hardening them off this Saturday they should be ready to go out into the raised beds next weekend. Which also means I have one week to get the soil ready for them!

I have last years compost pile sitting out on a tarp with another tarp loosely draped over the top. It was very wet and clumpy when I first started digging into it so I wanted to give the pile an opportunity to release some of its moisture. Hopefully it will have dried enough that I can sift it through my hardware cloth screen without too much effort. After its screened I’ll mix it with some mineral amendments and then work it all into the planting beds.

My big task in the garden for today, and probably tomorrow too, is to move all the dirt out of one of the old beds and into the new frame that my husband built before our vacation. The old bed currently sits too close to the new garage site and about one half it will become the expanded section of our driveway.  The weather should be perfect for this kind of work with highs in the mid-70’s.

Oh.. the house needs a good spiffing up too.. but that’s boring stuff. 🙂

Weekend Wanderings

To begin.. let me say Happy Easter to all of my friends and family who celebrate!

We had a full Saturday here at the bungalow and out and about town as well. We began with a trip to the family feed and seed for more seed starting flats, a plastic dome to fit a flat for my next round of starts and some organic plant food to water the growing starts with.  Its a fish meal based formula with a mint scent added to mask the fishiness.  I hope it doesn’t reek.

Next we drove over to 84 Lumber to get a materials list and pricing for the garage supplies. This ended up being more of an adventure than I had planned on since we didn’t know exactly where we were going.  The trip took longer than expected but we finally arrived there and then made it back home safely.

Around 5pm my husband drove into the north side of the city to pick up bottles.  Lots and lots of bottles. A coworker of his is also a home brewer but has moved to kegging instead of  bottling so he was happy to get rid of his bottle collection and reclaim some space in his house.

After an unexciting but filling dinner of tuna noodle casserole with green peas and pumpernickel bread, we cleaned up the house, put the kids to bed and watched 2 episodes of The Misfits with one of our neighbors.  Its become a weekend tradition.

Its Friday. Yay!  I’m getting the house spiffed up today in preparation for a weekend of gardening and family time.

On the agenda:

– A stop at the local feed & seed for potting soil

– Target for underwear… the little guy is potty training and doing great.

– A stop at Home Depot for lumber and a new light for the seed rack.

– Make a bunch of 2″ soil blocks for my garden seedlings

– Put together a couple new raised garden beds

– Brainstorm new front yard flower beds

A new compost bin

Last weekend my husband and one of his co-workers tackled the first of many garden projects this year. A brand new 3-section compost bin.

I think it looks fantastic.