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Journal Project Post 2

This will be a picture-less post this time. It’s 11:20pm and I want to make sure I get a post in tonight so I’m keeping up with my “every other day” journal project assignment.

So this weekend… I did some running. I joined two friends, Abby and Marlise, at one of our local parks and competed in a 5K charity run on Saturday morning. Everyone had great runs and I met my time goal this month for a sub-35 minute finish. On to next month’s goal of sub-34!!

Today, Abby and I met up with a running group that I had heard of but never run with, our local Hash House Harriers. We did an approximately 4 to 4.5 mile loop of road, trail and straight up hoofing it through the woods with a whole lot of alcohol mixed in before, along the way and afterwards. I choose not to imbibe before the run or after but did enjoy several beverages along the way at designated stops. It was a lot of fun. I covered terrain I certainly never would have thought to run on my own. It was challenging without being too hard. I liked it. But…. it’s not something I’m going to be doing on a regular basis. These folks have running and drinking down to a science. I’m too much of a light weight to do that very often… once a month or even every other month might be a possibility.

Tomorrow I’m taking it easy exercise wise and around the house, so I’ll get some reading time in and start a more introspective post to share on Tuesday.

Be Well!




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