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If my day technically started at midnight.. then my day started with back cramps around 3am and again about 5am. I was supposed to run 2 to 3 miles this morning but that just didn’t happen. I’m sure the cramps were from bending over seed trays yesterday….  a little over 200 potential plants got their start and my back paid the price.

So… I didn’t get up at 6:30 and run.. instead I slept until almost 8 and it was nice.

Here’s the rest of my day in pictures, be prepared… there’s a bunch… and they are the real deal…. life with 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs in the house.. gets messy.

I started my coffee pot, put breakfast for the kids in the oven, apple cinnamon muffins (from a box mix) and threw the first load of dirty clothes in the wash. Then I changed my Fitbit battery. It was dead, dead, dead… and had been for awhile.

Fitbit Battery Change

Once breakfast was served and my coffee about half way done, I got the kids started on school. Math was up first. My little guy likes writing with pretty colors rather than boring pencils… and if that helps him get his math done… then I’m all for it.


Math and breakfast done it was time to continue the house work. First up.. clearing the breakfast remains, then moving the clothes from the wash into the dryer and starting another load in the wash. And FYI… LEGO happens in our house… pretty much everywhere.. including at breakfast.

Breakfast remains

Next I put away a basket of clean clothes that had been hanging around for at least 2 days waiting for me to deal with them. If you hadn’t noticed…. laundry is a recurring theme.


Then it was time to finish that remaining half mug of now cold, but still caffeinated, coffee.


After a sit down and some internet rabbit hole time, I made my way back upstairs to make my bed. And yes… that is a pink and green monster toy laying facedown in the middle of my bed, along with more throw pillows than probably necessary.

Unmade bed

Time to do some more laundry shuffling…  one load up to be put away, clean stuff from the wash into the dryer, and another load of dirty stuff in the wash.


While putting away this most recent batch of laundry I decided not to hang up a pair of pants. I am happy to say that this pair now fits me so poorly that they risk falling down…. so goodbye old pants.. and hello… well, even older pants that I just haven’t been able to squeeze into in forever.


Next I gathered up all the house trash from the bathrooms, kitchen etc and took that out to the bin and actually remembered to replace all the liners.

Trash can

I decided not to fix a 2nd cup of coffee and opted for my trusty 32oz water bottle. It was a little past noon at this point so I pulled out some healthy snacks (some of you may remember them from last night’s SiS meeting) to make up an a la cart type lunch for the kids. I went with the last of some leftover potato soup that was in the fridge.

water IMG_1871

And so that was my day through lunch!


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